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Satisfy all your imagination, reveal the secrets of bathroom faucet purchasing skills


Although the bathroom faucet is only a small presence in the bathroom, it is a very frequently used item in daily life, such as washing face, brushing teeth, washing hands... all of which are used, so the quality of the faucet affects our lives.


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It is mainly divided into single-handle faucet and double-handle faucet. The current mainstream is the single-handle structure, which is convenient to use. The double-handle structure is mostly used in areas with low hot water pressure. Of course, the retro atmosphere of this structure also occupies a place in the market.


As a durable consumer product, I believe everyone pays great attention to quality. So how should ordinary consumers judge the quality? Here are a few simple ways to teach you.


The material is generally the first point mentioned in the promotion. The mainstream material in the domestic market is brass. This is only for the main body of the faucet (not including the handle). As long as the process and raw materials are well controlled, the drinking water standard can be fully met. Knowing that it is not easy to be confused by the dazzling propaganda, it is also more conducive to bargaining.


Visually observe whether there are scratches, pits or cracks on the plating surface. Pay attention to the conspicuous parts after installation. These defects will affect the surface corrosion resistance. But don't stare at it all the time. It takes about 15 to 20 seconds. After reading it, it is good if there are no obvious defects. You can compare it with the previous renderings.


The selection of accessories can also reflect the overall quality. Important accessories are valve core, bubbler (also called water wave device) and water inlet hose.

Spools, almost all on the market are ceramic spools. Large companies usually have their own spools. Some brands also purchase spools from other companies, such as racetrack spools. Turn the handle of the faucet to feel it when buying. It is not good to be too tight or too loose, let alone noise.


Bubbler, the role of this accessory is to make the water better. Air injection is a technology that almost everyone has. This is to save water and prevent splashing by mixing air into the water. Most manufacturers will choose large enterprise bubblers to ensure market competitiveness. Swiss NEOPERL is the bathroom accessories you must know

Air injection bubbler

For the water inlet hose, most products will be equipped with a water inlet pipe, and some need to be purchased separately. For this accessory, the thread specification is mainly concerned, which is often said to be three to four points. The domestic standard specification is four points (G1/2). Another point is the material of the braided tube (the outer layer of the hose). Stainless steel is better than nylon braided. Of course, the price is different.


As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. High quality corresponds to good design and strict control. The cost is naturally not low. If you can choose the expensive one within the budget, you will generally not regret it. Brand

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