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Look here for the bathroom faucet to meet your needs


Those who pursue a quality life will never let go of every detail in life.

Bathroom faucet production

Because the details determine the quality.

Although the bathroom faucet is only a small existence in the bathroom, it is a very frequently used item in daily life, such as washing face, brushing teeth, washing hands... all are used, so the quality of the bathroom faucet affects our lives.

01Look at the surface The gloss, saturation and uniformity of the bathroom faucet surface are intuitive manifestations of the quality of the bathroom faucet.

The surface of the bathroom faucet is generally treated with electroplating, and the metal plating technology is mainly used to make the surface of the bathroom faucet attach a metal film of nickel and chromium. In this way, various colors and gloss can be formed to improve the aesthetics, and the wear resistance of the bathroom faucet can be ensured by the ten-level salt spray test. Even if the bathroom faucet is placed in a damp bathroom for a long time, it can remain bright as new.

The body is made of copper, which is resistant to corrosion and not perishable. The body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is far away from inferior "poisonous bathroom faucets". Water safety is guaranteed.

The drawing process on the surface makes the overall feel more delicate and smooth, and it is not easy to stick to oil, and it is less difficult to clean and take care of.

02 Look at the material

Bathroom faucets are made of copper, stainless steel, ceramics and other materials.

The bathroom faucet made of refined copper has high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. The inner wall of the copper bathroom faucet will not breed bacteria, which improves the water quality and makes the water cleaner and healthier.

Thicken the refined copper body, anti-corrosion, high wear resistance, reduce the breeding of water source bacteria, and care for your water health.

The surface is treated by electroplating process, which is not easy to rust, has a longer service life, and has a fine and smooth hand feeling, demonstrating high quality.

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